Saturday, July 30, 2005

Infra Riot

Yesterday was without computer, and ended up at a rock club. Soundgarden, Nirvana, Rage against the Machine, Twisted Sisters and all that other cool music impossible to dance to. Alas! Maybe i'm just too old. Nightlife is really not my thing nowadays and i'm sooo much looking forward to my Monty Python evening tonight. Alone with a blanket. Maybe the delicious green tea David gave me and some popcorn will join me. "hello little popcorns, do you want some more salt?" The blanket wrapped around me, grumpy with me because i get greasy popcorns all over.
Today was nice: I got a postcard, had a long walk in "Slottsskogen" and watched the seals and then went to a birthday party in a garden. Grattis Isak! Cake covered in cream and strawberries; you're worth it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

a taste of whiskey

Yesterday ended up well. We were playing texas hold'em and drank all night, and before going home we watched Fight Club. After movie me and Daniel took the shortcut over the mountain.
It is nice having someone like that, who really is the boy next door and knows about the hidden paths and trees and people in the neighbourhood. And who knows how to appreciate it.
He has a great haircut too, i'll try to find a picture of it. Ok, got one. It's at the bottom of today's post.

Tonight and tomorrow i'll be babysitting: my cousin's daughter is coming over soon and will stay until tomorrow afternoon. I thought my mum would be here, but she's not coming until tomorrow and... i hope we won't burn down the house or something like that. And what is left to cook? The cheese is still in the fridge, probably being all black and green by now.
Oh. Still the smelly t-shirt: better go and change.

This is what to do.

Lapsang souchong is my favourite evening tea. It is tasty and makes you all warm and sweaty - try it! Something else i would like to recommend is a short story by Marcel Proust called "L'Indifférent" in French. It doesn't make you warm and sweaty but is Shit. Now everything's burnt, smoke all over the house. The potatoes seem to be unharmed though. Good girl! very... true? That is, it is easy recognize things in it. And sometimes it is also fun. And short! Read it!

You still haven't told me what a dada party might be. I love you all, as always, but soon i'll get grumpy and stop blogging if you don't tell me. Maybe Baby.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

idas - nenna

These are the best days.
In Swedish radio, there is an old tradition that each day during summer some famous person (sommarpratare) talks from 1.05 to 2.30 p.m. This is, i reckon, the best time of the day. Today, while listening, i was drinking a pot of tea, looking at the structure of the table, lying on the floor inspecting the ceiling, waiting for the red light of the… fire alarm? to flash and poking with my finger into the carpet and following the lines of it. For almost 1½ hour. Then I looked at some old pictures and went upstairs to put on my smelly t-shirt and my ragged pants with awful pattern. I thought about going to the library but know that i won’t leave the house today. Maybe later, in the evening.
And outside our house the bushes are full of raspberries!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Summer Bummer

Hello friends!

We were to set our eyes on sun. It all began with a quirk. Summer nights, as they come, are something in themselves, no need for something extra. Even the rain is different, not harsh and aggressive but mild and gently. Oh, yes summer is perfect in its own right.

Next day off I'll buy a bottle of cider and relax in the city park. Do you want to join?


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Your name's Lebowski, Lebowski

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Crocodile eating my noodles

Ha ha, very funny. Only because i borrowed a short story about a crocodile and had some noodles.
Libraries are great fun! Met an old schoolmate who appeared to be as fond of books as i am, but i was in a hurry and didn't have the time to find out. Alas, the hurry! I couldn't find "On the Road", that was supposed to be there on the "K"-shelf, and had to take "Place of Dreams" by Burroughs instead. Has anyone read it? If you have: give me some reviews!
My nerdy outbursts have to stop.
If you ever go to Göteborg i can recommand the café "Kardemumma" on Mariagatan. The staff is nice, they have pretty blankets in bright colours and it is situated quite near my house. Within walking distance, actually.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Ok, i have two big news.
1. During my stay in Reykjavík, i felt that i was growing and becoming more mature, experienced etc. Interesting, yes, but on the last night i felt that i had grown in another aspect. Through my tears i could see people beneath me and the ceiling being closer than ever. The feeling of being unusually tall didn't go away when back in Sweden and today my mum measured me. I have grown and am now 1.80. How tall will i get if i take some years in other countries? How far can i reach? What if i get children??
2. Today i bought books. I also bought a cd by Peaches which is absolutely great, but above all addictions i have buying books is the worst one. The first book is De Profundis and other works by Oscar Wilde, including Man Under Socialism which is great fun: read it! There are also some poems i might like; two of them i read on the tram station.
The other book is by Helene Hanff and comprises a correspondence between the author and a bookstore. I don't remember the English title, "Brev Till en Bokhandel" in Swedish, but i've read it before and it's great.
Oh! At the festival, i bought another book: Den Universella bristen på Respekt (sort of: The Universal lack of Respect) by Joakim Pirinen. I didn't really need this one, but i don't regret buying it. It's cute with good drawings.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

from mouse to monkey

Uuuh... i can't eat any more of this cheese! Better grab a banana instead.

Weekend was great for most of the time, and here are the people who deserve my kindest regards:

People are good. Old cheese is bad.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Confessions of a Swedish Cheese Eater

Tonight i'm eating brie. They were on sale so my mom bought two kilos, and now we have to eat it all before it gets too old. Well, i could use some extra fat now before going to festival!! Not yet, but on wednesday.

I wear some fake-diamond earrings that are made out of glass or plastic because they glitter an awful lot and make me feel glamorous.
This book has a bad influence on me. I planned to read "On the Road" after finishing Glamorama, but perhaps i should read something more... ah, you know. Something good girls read.
Maybe i should finish that book by Thomas De Quincey?

Bah! All books are bad for your soul.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

..I'm wearing sunglasses at night..

Who made this song?! I like it.
I wear sunglasses at night because they always do it in Glamorama and because it looks pretentious and silly. I've also decided to only dress in black tonight, since i will wear my new gorgeous shoes that don't match with anything. They look like this, but are bright tuqouise blue..
This computer has a new wallpaper for this year! The old one was white with a jumping Moby to the right, but i felt he had to leave for something more feminine. This bird-woman is mercyless, she tells me to do important stuff and won't let me play any computer games. I thought about naming her, but after a while i realized that maybe she should stay nameless. Maybe, if i tried to come up with a name, she would get angry with me and remove some of my favourite songs.

Friday, July 08, 2005

From Veronica and Ida

Ok, Malva is hard as stone. She suggested we should write something and Veronica said: We don´t want to, and Malva said: I don´t care. She really loves us. Truly. But we love her. We could die for her. Truly.
Anyway, now we´re going out dancing, we´re going to meet Sebastian and his obscure friends and dance. We have practiced all evening. Depeche Mode rocks!
Malva said she wants to get drunk, on her mums´ home made wine. It´s not so good. We have tried it, but also, Malva says so herself. But her mum is the best, really!
I belive that´s all for now, anyway Veronica can´t come up with anything more to add. So...we´ll just quote mr Bowie and mr Jagger:
Let´s dance!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

It would almost fit to quote Gus Gus

Yes, it would almost fit to qoute Gus Gus because i met David today. We lay in the sun on a wharf drinking beer, quite close to where i live. It was the perfect day to bring my camera, that is also named David, but i couldn't find any film and complained a lot about this
Apart from this, i spent my day reading and sleeping in the garden. Glamorama is now a detective story with long-drawn sex scenes every now and then. It is far too long and at the moment i just want to finish it. Nevertheless, it's good. A 4 out of 5.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"still I couldn't say with precision"

Ah, this is so true. I recognize myself, go in circles as always.

Finding a title for your blog is like a quest. Sometimes you know before what to write, but mostly you have to spend a lot of time finding the "perfect" one.
The last couple of days i've been in a strange mood, and turned to nick cave for some good quotes. He, together with hole and p j harvey, has been helping me sorting things out this spring when my thoughts were all messy. Not that they were always messy, but when they were... ah. Music.
Ok, so i browsed through his lyrics. They were great as always, but...

My heart was craving for Depeche Mode.

It's the group i've been listening since... always, and their lyrics give this feeling of true love. Not that i'm in love - no no no. But when the sun is shining and it's hot outside the heart is growing and almost pushing against your ribs and you feel something really really strong but you can't really put your finger on what it is. Love? Happy childhood memories? The smell of the sea and the flowers and the sunburnt skin?
Spring's groups sang about complex feelings, summer's group is singing about loving life.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Dada experience

Ya man, the plot in Glamorama is still very confusing. But i like reading it anyway. Nah, i Love It!
Today we came back from the countryside. Before leaving we gave the leftovers to my sister's rats, who had a good time eating brie and Assyrian beef stew. Yes, we all envy the rats. All play and no work.
My mother and i are planning to have a Dada party in the end of the summer, but we do not know yet what it means. Do you? Please give us a clue.
Best regards - me.

Book review from an island

Since i'm hip and i have a new blog, i'm starting off by telling you all that i'm reading Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis.
I don't get the plot but love the book anyway. It is extremely shallow and Victor is a prick who doesn't deserve anyone but get everyone.

In the breast-pocket of my mom's check shirt, which i have stolen: 40 kr and a tampon.

Except from being hip (you should see my sunglasses!) i'm currently staying at my family's summer house up on the West Coast. It is - indeed - beautiful. Each time i look out the window i sigh, and lying on the terrace reading my hip book i can hear the seagulls talking to each other in a language unknown to me.