Friday, August 05, 2011

The Lawnmower Woman

I cut the grass in my mother's garden yesterday. Yesterday was a warm and sunny summer's day that, because of this, didn't allow blogging.
Since i'm not used to physical work, dragging this machine back and forth over the glass made me feel like he-man. Sweat, muscles, you know. My daughter and her father were picking berries in the meantime and all went well until the thing started shaking and I was unable to turn it off. E.F. helped me out while driving around a little (by doing this, the machine stopped shaking).
This was obviously a hard blow on my he-man ego.

How he managed to do this is a hard nut to crack.
That men by nature have a good hand with technical things sounds like hocus pocus to me, which gives us the inevitable answer:
His hormones had some affect on the thing.
It makes sense. Men have been the main-developers of lawnmowers and have probably also been testing them. Hence, lawnmowers are made for men. Unless it is a matter of hip-waist relations or absence/presence of breasts, the only explanation to why my mother's lawnmower listens to him and not to me ought to be due to hormones. Hormones, as we know, affect tons of things in our lives. This should be put on the list.

NOTE: Shortly afterwards, the lawnmower would not start. I turned it around, checked it in every way i was capable of and gave up. E.F. turned it upside down and took out the grass that made the blades stuck. Alright, his solution of the latter technical problem is explainable. He has been working with cutting grass and is used to these things.
But still..

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