Saturday, July 09, 2005

..I'm wearing sunglasses at night..

Who made this song?! I like it.
I wear sunglasses at night because they always do it in Glamorama and because it looks pretentious and silly. I've also decided to only dress in black tonight, since i will wear my new gorgeous shoes that don't match with anything. They look like this, but are bright tuqouise blue..
This computer has a new wallpaper for this year! The old one was white with a jumping Moby to the right, but i felt he had to leave for something more feminine. This bird-woman is mercyless, she tells me to do important stuff and won't let me play any computer games. I thought about naming her, but after a while i realized that maybe she should stay nameless. Maybe, if i tried to come up with a name, she would get angry with me and remove some of my favourite songs.


Blogger Samph said...

Corey Hart did that song I think.

10 July, 2005 23:56  
Blogger malva said...

Thank you very much! :)

11 July, 2005 00:41  
Blogger malva said...

And now my sunglasses are broken and i can't be cool anymore.. What else is cool?

26 July, 2005 20:24  

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