Sunday, February 05, 2006

when i rush

When i got home yesterday night/this morning i found half a sheep head in the rubbish. I'd say that it was the perfect bizarre finale of the weekend.

The theme was men in their forties.
The first one invited me over for boiled eggs and chocolate biscuits; and talked about shark meat, sex, pot, life and death. Of course. What else is there to talk about six in the morning than life and death? The creepiest thing was to meet his neighbours in the stairs: middle-aged drunk men in suits telling him that i was beautiful. I was beautiful this weekend.
The second one was a good dancer. He examined my teeth and could tell my exact age. Teeth. I was examining someone's teeth somewhere in December, they were nice. Strange, when you love someone every little part is so pretty. Almost perfect.

Oooh... now i feel like listening to The Sun and The Rainfall by Depeche Mode. Not because of the lyrics, but the sweet melody.