Saturday, September 30, 2006

Covenant - Der Leiermann

Vid Veronica og David fórum á Romo Night í gaerkvöld. It was nice, really, and it hadn't changed a bit since last year. Same songs, same people.
I realised today how badly i cope with change. Halldór had sent me an e-mail telling me that he and Óli were moving out from Fjólugata, the place i love and wanted to stay in forever, in three months. Sad news indeed. I ended up sitting on my mother's bed with tears in my eyes, slightly embarrased because i couldn't explain my reaction.
I am not that well; not as happy as i used to be.

But hey, i danced with Jocke and bumped into my sister last night (she seemed to be really happy to see me!), and Kalle lent me the first book in the Gormenghast-trilogy that i've wanted to read since i saw one episode from the BBC-series. We also watched Lost Highway - a good film indeed and looked at pictures of mushrooms.

Tonight i'm going to read.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


When i heard Domino Dancing by pet Shop Boys something stirred inside of me. I suddenly remembered Reykjavík, why i loved it.

Silly, silly stadur.

I feel old now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

the artist is the creator of beautiful things

uI went to the big book fair today, and i bought:
A Rumpus in the Garden (kackel i grönsakslandet) by Sven Nordqvist - to Einar. He was here some ten days and left yesterday. I cried the whole day until my mum’s friends came in the evening and gave me red wine. They talked about St Petersburg and the north of Sweden, and I went to bed in a good mood and was no longer afraid to sleep alone.
Container by Max Andersson (one of my favourite comic writers, together with Joakim Pirinen and Daniel Ahlgren. Ok, Mystiska 2:an by Rolf Gohs is a favourite comic because of old Stockholm city and the way it is drawn. Wow! I had forgotten about them! Better look for my albums later on. And Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore because they both look smashing and because of the lööööv story.)
The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
A collection with three books by Carl Johan De Geer
Dokument Rörande Spelaren Rubashov by Carl-johan (nú!) Vallgren

and a pocket mirror

I got wine and free stuff, met people and mingled. My aunt introduced me to some Icelanders and my mum found a book with my dad in it. This is the best event of the year. Viva Bokmässan!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

1 h 15 min of loneliness

I am starting to get the hang of spider solitaire. The most important thing is to pile the cards, same colour if possible (if it is not obviously better to take “wrong” colour, because of the card(s) under it). When you pile cards with different colours, always start with the highest number. Black 8 goes on red 9 before red 7 goes on black 8. Black 7 could be under black 8! Try to finish the rows, one at a time, and you are able to use the empty slots as “parking spaces”. Remember to pile until there are no more possibilities, then press, what is it in English? “Give”? and play until your mind is focused and your right wrist is aching.

I feel like a complete mess.
I don’t know why i need you.

i'll miss you

Friday, September 08, 2006

roads with no ends

I went downtown today to sell some books > earn some money but somehow failed and ended up at Mamma's working place at five with jewelery, two more books, two tops and some magazines (i got one pair of white panties with one of them).
"Mommy, look what i've got!"

I am very ineffective.

There's a kille on the road.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

fashion rules

i don't understand anything, but these pictures is the only thing that inspires me to dress up before i leave the house.


Monday, September 04, 2006

28 hits und ein millionen dollares für die Kranken

Bank Für Alle is probably one of the best tv shows aver made in Sweden. It is made by Peter Wahlbeck: an artist, comedian, prophet and a true genious. I worship him since the day my brother gave me one of his records, Music Für Alle. He has been working on all kinds of "Für Alle" projects, and i recommand you to look him up.
Here are his characters that are wanted by the FBI...

...and here is the music video for "Shake that Salami", for all of us who like men and everybody else.

”All things pass into the night"

Oh. They played that song in the club i went to in Berlin. The song that Jay was dancing to on the Clerks II trailer, imitating the murderer from “Silence of The Lambs”. We watched Clerks in Reykjavík when our husbands were down with the flue, and I got obsessed (ah, me and obsessions) with the movie >see April
…and anyway, I watched the clip, over and over again, and suddenly I heard it when I was standing by the bar on Friday night with my Italian friend who had been playing in a Sisters of Mercy cover band and was going to give his ex-girlfriend a washing mashine, and who was born in -66 and liked my nose, and who said that we we would never meet again when we were lying on the huge stairs by Frankfurter Tor in the German morning light.
I dragged him out on the dance floor and we danced. I think he kept his sunglasses on.
Afterwards they played "Don't you forget about mee".

Today I, after reading about Clerks II that is on cinema wohoo, found out that the song is called "Goodbye, Horses".

Emma: Come outside with me, I want to show you something! [Emma and Dante run outside and pass Jay, dancing to "Goodbye Horses," completely naked]
Dante Hicks: What, that?
Emma: NO, not that!

Now I remember, someone who reminded me very much of Jay (the drug dealer who was hanging outside with Silent Bob) actually tried to kiss me that night.


White Whole Hazelnuts Chocolate from Ritter Sport

(i love mondays)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kunsthaus Tacheles

Saturday, September 02, 2006

First we take Berlin

Today i don't know what to write.
I missed the bus. I haven't been that angry (and sweaty) for a very long time.

But hey! I on my way home i found a flyer for a club that looks nice, maybe i'll go there the next time i'm in Berlin, and i also began reading American Psycho. So far i like it.
Well i have to, come on! It is like Demian. The character, i mean, in the book. Both he and his mother are absolutely adorable. Adorable? Better look for a more proper synonyme some other day.

Today i am tired. Industrial party on three floors; i bought a fish on the market on my way home and went to bed at 10 am.

Tomorrow i might go home.

I am well.