Tuesday, January 23, 2007



Folk är ju ta mig tusan inte kloka!

“The thing that makes me most upset is not that he slept with someone else, but that he had to fuck it all up.”

You’re damn right i’m disappointed in mankind. This weekend i’ve met friends who have been cheated on and betrayed, and even though i’m not as naïve as i was one week ago and slowly start to realize that this is actually quite common i still don’t understand why people do it. Seriously, is it not enough having one person to sleep with? Is it really worth it? I don’t think so but on the other hand, as far as i know, i don’t have any personal experience of it.

ARRGH! This hat will not be knitted by love but of anger, and i will finish it tonight and post the pictures tomorrow. Until then; take care of each other and sleep well.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

gaman að sjá þig!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

between dreams

Oh yeah, i was euphoric and took pictures of my porridge this morning and planned to write something witty about it, but tonight it all went away and at the moment i only feel blue and alone. Like that song by Weeping Willows (Swedish pop music at it’s corniest).

I am somewhat alone. I’ve realized that most of my remaining friends live in Iceland and btw: I could probably find a job there and a place to live (here is alright except from the fact that i’m not allowed to play Front Line Assembly downstairs).

I would probably go there soon if it wouldn’t be for my appointment with the dentist on the 16th.

Until then i’m pretty much stuck here.

Ah yeah, i was supposed to quote my favourite Carl Johan De Geer about how to make porridge. I realized not until now that it wasn’t actually he who said it but i like him anyway. The last time I saw him in the paper he talked about “manlig självömkan” (male self-pity) and how it is central, worshipped even, in parts of today’s culture. Exactly in the same way as it is dominant in my blog! Stackars Malva!

To compensate for my miserable social life I’ve started to dream even more. People I don’t meet in real life I meet in my dreams and it is… well… somewhat like a solution.

Du träumst mich ich dich
Keine Angst ich finde dich
am Halbschlafittchen pack' ich dich
und ziehe dich zu mir

Oooh... my mum handed me some Russian Earl Gray. Ach, my bathrobed muse...

What are my dear readers drinking at the moment?

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

silly old bugger (the difficult art of loving life)

I’ve been awfully moody the last days, not being able to understand myself in any way and giving it all to Theresa to repair it for me. Sorry. Thanks for listening.

I wonder if it is like this for all people, that your emotional state is (seemingly) not affected by what actually happens around you. I probably made a fool out of myself this weekend being old and drunk and all but that only puts me in an even better mood and i laughed at myself inside. Tomorrow I will be working the whole day and I’m almost looking forward to it. Life is good.

I have a mother who loves me and who doesn’t mind my life as long as I am happy, and at the moment I’m waiting for her to get home. Until then: some more music.

Song to play on repeat and be very happy to: Gary Numan – Voix

I like this motion
I like this heat
I like this breathing
And I know I like this beat

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

small and furry things

…but why should i baby-sit Bismarck while everyone went out partying? Good thing that i had Vincent to talk to. Another unpleasant part of the dream was the flesh-eating rabbit, not quite like the one in the Monty Python movie but still…

The only thing i remember about it was that it was running after the car and that we threw intestines, probably from a lamb, to it.

It was grey and actually really cute.

Yesterday i had hot chocolate with whipped cream and today it is still raining.

Låt dagsins: Front 242 – Felines


Monday, January 08, 2007

"They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore"

So, uhm… Yeah. Gudni, you said you would come over to my place (my dad’s apartment? It sure looked like it) but then, as it is sometimes, you were too late and you couldn’t make it. Siggi, haehae, you came over but only for some minutes. I got angry and undressed, and Ida and Rosa poured blue and green glitter all over my body. It made me look like some sea-creature! All three of us were swinging from tree to tree, bouncing on nets, while my father and brother sat in the kitchen smoking Café Crème cigars with oriental aroma.
Once back on the ground, i got dressed and went to the park (such a park! Big open areas and some trees) with a long string in my hand. I tied it to a little girl in a white dress and tossed her up in the air trying to make her fly. A man came up to me (after a while i realised that he was some kind of elf, probably a leprechaun,) and we started talking about the art of flying kites. I took the girl down, unleashed her, and me and the elf took a path trough the woods, away from the park, and we discussed the difficult use of “who”, “which” and “that”. We came to the conclusion that people always make mistake while talking, and that it is impossible to be fluent in any language.
We met a car, tried to stop it of some reason but then the phone rang and i woke up.

Rainy day today. I’ve been reading and drinking tea a lot with good conscience.


Saturday, January 06, 2007


Pirates! A whole week of pirates! Pirates of the Caribbean with Andreas, followed by Tom Waits (he is a pirate) and today: Pippi Långstrump på de Sju Haven. I was lying in the sofa watching the movie, drinking my new tea and thinking about how much i like pirates not knowing that Joost had already sent me an email telling that he went out last night wearing a sailor hat, suspenders and an eye patch. Trends and inventions (such as pyramides), perhaps even language, seem to appear at the same time in different places. Yes, the idea of a collective mind is interesting.
However: In two hours my sister, the deadliest scallawag that ever swung a sword, is coming over. She is a true (a mighty!) pirate and knows how dangerous dr pepper and three-headed monkeys are to a poor girl's heart. Maybe i'll ask her to be my stylist, now that all my makeup is on Viking Island...

Coming up next: the attack of the six feet Japanese pop-pirate!

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Friday, January 05, 2007


Me and Veronica, too much of Sisters of Mercy and Red Wine.

Nei, some Günter und Fritz as well, and VNV Nation - Thórarinn's mix record.

The whole world map in small pieces. Even the freaky piece is here; i got it before i left and it is still as freaky.

The fact that that things don't make sense makes more and more sense.


Grattis på födelsedagen, Andreas!

Most arty pictures taken by Jocke

Thursday, January 04, 2007

all that i do or don't do

I tell myself that i read. In fact, i don't. I borrow books from friends and family and at libraries, i carry them around in bags and purses, i talk about them, i put them in order and look at the covers when i try to tidy up in my room and my dream is to work in a library or even better; in an antique bookstore. But i can't recall the last time i read one. Instead, i spend all my free time in front of the internet or together with my mum. My mum is to me what my wife, Anne, was to me in Reykjavík. A woman i live with that i'm able to spend hours and hours drinking tea and talking about men with. Maybe i should cure my heterosexuality and get a real wife one day. To drink tea with.
Talking about tea, yesterday i got a new favourite one: Sir Williams! Mixing Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong, why didn't i ever think of that? Yummy. If you are in Göteborg you could find it... ai. In a store with soaps, teas and oils on Haga Nygata.
Anyway. I was thinking about reading a book by Vladimir Odojevskij that i got from Mamma (she got an e-mail from her friend who is in St Petersburg now, living on Nevjskij Prospekt, how i envy him! Would anyone like to go with me to Russia in spring? I'm afraid i don't dare to go alone), have anyone read him? Mid-19th century author. I need some booky guidance right now.

"Have some wine", the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.
Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. "I don't see any wine", she remarked.
"There isn't any", said the March Hare.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

for all that was or wasn't

Some 22 hours ago my brother, some friends and me said goodbye to the old year and welcomed the new. We celebrated in a traditional way by eating, drinking and watching fireworks. A couple got engaged, it was sweet.
I usually don’t like New Years Eve but this time i wasn’t anxious at all. Probably because i’m going in the right direction this year and probably because i see all the possibilities of adventures ahead. Endless possibilities! I am going to travel, without doubt, hopefully to a place i haven’t been to before. Maybe i will clean my room as well even though i won’t put it first on my agenda. Maybe i will write some in my diary and knit a sweater as well.
A few hours before the party David (blue shirt, right corner) gave me (something black, to the left) a buzz cut and I am still getting used to it. It is fun; sometimes I forget that it is all (nema 13 millimetrar) gone.Goodbye old days and old hair, and to all of you: