Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"still I couldn't say with precision"

Ah, this is so true. I recognize myself, go in circles as always.

Finding a title for your blog is like a quest. Sometimes you know before what to write, but mostly you have to spend a lot of time finding the "perfect" one.
The last couple of days i've been in a strange mood, and turned to nick cave for some good quotes. He, together with hole and p j harvey, has been helping me sorting things out this spring when my thoughts were all messy. Not that they were always messy, but when they were... ah. Music.
Ok, so i browsed through his lyrics. They were great as always, but...

My heart was craving for Depeche Mode.

It's the group i've been listening since... always, and their lyrics give this feeling of true love. Not that i'm in love - no no no. But when the sun is shining and it's hot outside the heart is growing and almost pushing against your ribs and you feel something really really strong but you can't really put your finger on what it is. Love? Happy childhood memories? The smell of the sea and the flowers and the sunburnt skin?
Spring's groups sang about complex feelings, summer's group is singing about loving life.


Blogger Benoit Lapierre said...

Hi from Canada
your blog is very interesting
Get Firefox!

07 July, 2005 01:19  
Blogger malva said...

Thankyou! I just finished a post i, myself, found very dull and i needed some encouragement. Cool.

07 July, 2005 01:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nick cave! "i passed a cow and the cow was brown and my pyjamas clinged to me like a shrell..." hihi. i love him too.

09 July, 2005 14:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, why dont they show my name? im not anonymous at all!

09 July, 2005 14:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, i dont get it. anyways, theresa says hi

09 July, 2005 14:38  
Blogger malva said...

You hold me so carelessy close
Tell me I'm dirty
Stranger than kindness

malva says hi

10 July, 2005 23:27  

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