Wednesday, May 17, 2006

stuttur update

My days here in Reykjavík are quite alright. I'm spending most of days with my new flatmates; whether i am their pet or they are mine i do not know, but it feels good. And no matter what we still have the fishes; i'm keeping an eye on the big pregnant one hoping that she will give birth before i leave.
However, at the moment i am sitting with Ida on Kultura listening to Lisa Ekdahl and playing with the laptops. Weather is surprisingly sunny.
Ach ja.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ach ja...

Ah, it is more difficult now to write when i know that you're reading my blog.
But to try to make the best out of it anyway, i should summarize the... weekend? Last days? During the week i went to a white russian movie and had this very good organic Ginger Ale that they sell in Hljómalind and Babalú. One day i liked my new room so much that i had to stay at home burning insence, drinking tea and writing to Pappa. At least i started to write a letter. Couldn't really decide whether i wanted to write about love or not and i ended up doing something completely else. Like standing in the middle of the room staring at the wall and suddenly decide to look behind the painting to see if something might be hidden there.
I did find a child's drawing.
On friday i was at Kaffibarinn, saturday morning ended up in fighting and Óli is never surprised but shakes his head and goes back to bed.
Yesterday, hm... birthday party! I had some cake. Russian disco with Óli and the married Latvian girl, some Dubliner and a short morning walk with Denis.
Today went out and lay in the sun. Austurvöllur is the place, i had some Hesse and friends stopped by. Vegetable soup and i haven't left yet.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

delirium and delight

This was a kind-of-long and somewhat strange weekend. I suppose. Not that i mind.
Friday night was drunken night with the black English cop twice my age, two afterparties and an old acquaintance who knew how to give me a good massage. Passing out in a big bed. Orange juice when i got home. In bed the following day and night.
Sunday i moved out. I was saved by the prince in his mother's blue car when time was running to fast and i had to many plastic bags full of useless stuff to bring to my new place.
Dinner at some friends' place. Real food.
Today i got the big Karl Marx poster i've always wanted. Dóri didn't want to have him around in the kitchen "fokking helvítis fasisti!", and Óli doesn't seem to mind.
We listened to Joy Division and i was in heaven.

Now i'm looking forward to go to bed again. Sleeping is nice.

She smells of sweat, sour wines, late nights, and leather.