Monday, December 26, 2005

Sofas that smell of smoke.

This is a city to fall in love with.

Sleeping all day and then walking out the door somewhere after four onto a dark and rainy street together with one of the most handsome men i've ever met, this is what i realised. The tiny, ugly, dirty houses with windows full of christmas decorations. All is very kitschy.

Reaching Kaffibarinn with my laptop; Örn is downstairs talking Apolloniare with some man and a thick smell of insence is in every corner of the place. "You're just to good to be True" is being played, in Icelandic of course, and the upper floor is empty.


Monday, December 19, 2005

dream on

Ok... so, i was going to meet someone. It could be a principal or someone who worked with papers, anyway it was a very formal meeting and a portier showed me the room where his door was.
It was a room full of doors.

"Number nine" the portier said and left.

I walked to the door (it was a white room with white doors) with a big black "9" on it, but as soon as i reached it it turned into another number. I looked around, found the door once again but as soon as i reached there the number changed.
This happened a couple of times, and finally when the door stayed as "door number nine" it got transparent. Through it i could see the person sitting in the bathtub and as i went through it (without opening it, of course, it only sort of glittered or shivered) i put my right hand on a piece of aliminium foil that was lying on the floor. This was probably the only thing in the very empty room where the doors were.

Are we satisfied, Flamboyant?

Friday, December 02, 2005


Yes, i'm back. It doesn't feel that strange - everything is where i left it and the water still tastes and smells of sulfer. I'm hungry and i'm homeless.
The weather outside is cloudy but not dark, only... you know... light-gray. Light-gray as the houses and many of the cars passing outside the window.
Today i'll eat skyr.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

"En tidig morgon i Mumindalen vaknade Snusmumriken i sitt tält och kände att det var höst och uppbrott i luften. Ett uppbrott kommer som ett språng! Med ens är allting förändrat och den som skall resa är rädd om varenda minut."