Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Ok, i have two big news.
1. During my stay in Reykjavík, i felt that i was growing and becoming more mature, experienced etc. Interesting, yes, but on the last night i felt that i had grown in another aspect. Through my tears i could see people beneath me and the ceiling being closer than ever. The feeling of being unusually tall didn't go away when back in Sweden and today my mum measured me. I have grown and am now 1.80. How tall will i get if i take some years in other countries? How far can i reach? What if i get children??
2. Today i bought books. I also bought a cd by Peaches which is absolutely great, but above all addictions i have buying books is the worst one. The first book is De Profundis and other works by Oscar Wilde, including Man Under Socialism which is great fun: read it! There are also some poems i might like; two of them i read on the tram station.
The other book is by Helene Hanff and comprises a correspondence between the author and a bookstore. I don't remember the English title, "Brev Till en Bokhandel" in Swedish, but i've read it before and it's great.
Oh! At the festival, i bought another book: Den Universella bristen på Respekt (sort of: The Universal lack of Respect) by Joakim Pirinen. I didn't really need this one, but i don't regret buying it. It's cute with good drawings.


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