Friday, July 08, 2005

From Veronica and Ida

Ok, Malva is hard as stone. She suggested we should write something and Veronica said: We don´t want to, and Malva said: I don´t care. She really loves us. Truly. But we love her. We could die for her. Truly.
Anyway, now we´re going out dancing, we´re going to meet Sebastian and his obscure friends and dance. We have practiced all evening. Depeche Mode rocks!
Malva said she wants to get drunk, on her mums´ home made wine. It´s not so good. We have tried it, but also, Malva says so herself. But her mum is the best, really!
I belive that´s all for now, anyway Veronica can´t come up with anything more to add. So...we´ll just quote mr Bowie and mr Jagger:
Let´s dance!


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