Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This is what to do.

Lapsang souchong is my favourite evening tea. It is tasty and makes you all warm and sweaty - try it! Something else i would like to recommend is a short story by Marcel Proust called "L'Indifférent" in French. It doesn't make you warm and sweaty but is Shit. Now everything's burnt, smoke all over the house. The potatoes seem to be unharmed though. Good girl! very... true? That is, it is easy recognize things in it. And sometimes it is also fun. And short! Read it!

You still haven't told me what a dada party might be. I love you all, as always, but soon i'll get grumpy and stop blogging if you don't tell me. Maybe Baby.


Blogger malva said...

Now i see that i've taken off my smelly shirt some time during the day: such decadence! I'll blame it on the tea that makes me warm.

26 July, 2005 20:27  

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