Thursday, October 26, 2006

malva discovers photoshop

"she's got... swastika eyes..."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This night a war was going on.

So: I was in a big house with a lot of people around me. We were under sieage and everyone was waiting and packing things, and i remember going to the toilet and looking out the small window. I could see the enemy, the elves, only a few metres away.
I was really afraid, the battle would begin any time, and I wanted to call Einar and say but i didn’t have a phone.
Me and Pappa went out. We walked past the weeping tree (but this time she was singing!) from King’s Quest V and between the tents of the enemy. We came to what looked like an underground storehouse and started chatting with some elves, and they were of course bad guys trying to get my father inside.
“We have a big, juicy stake in the kitchen!”
He was about to go inside, but being the clever daughter that i am i managed to convince him that he could have as many stakes as he wanted, after the battle. But then:
“And you, you are not at all interested in men?”
And then one of the elves picked up a pile of papers, and was about to show me a picture of my future husband and i saw some short hair and…
They called from work. The dream was over and i was back in reality.

Today i bought a new phone – it was about time.

"Graham, watch out! A poisonous snake!"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

weezer - we don't like

Me and Andreas were watching Spike Jonze videos toay, and my oh my... is there any band as dull as Weezer? What is it... i really don't get it at all. We sat there with our mouths open when they were playing Undone and the only thing happening on stage was that dogs ran around. They were an extremely stereotypical pop band playing extremely stereotypical pop music, and i don't understand why some people actually like them. I really don't. Bah.

I forgot to say that Denis was here this weekend! Good days. Gay club (talking about music - they played Electric by Leila K when we were up on stage!) and dinner with family. Kalle had a brithday party on saturday and i went over with some bread and socialized for a while. Yesterday it started to rain.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

reach out and touch faith

Another day wasted in front of the computer.
Today i've also been drinking tea and peeing a lot.
I listened to Songs of Faith and Devotion by Depeche Mode for old time's sake and remembered what it was like being 12 years old and in love with the singer. It is a strange effect music has - making you remember feelings.
Really, whole worlds were built inside my head. Worlds made of industrial landscapes, candles, dr Martens (that i never had the money to buy) and black and white photography. And in the midst of it all Dave Gahan - my personal Jesus. The man who actually died (i had the article from the paper over my bed) but came back to life.

I wouldn't know what i would think of the record if i heard it for the first time today. Probably i'd find it silly and hey, i wouldn't even be the same person that i am today if i hadn't been listening to it.

But no matter what you like it is always good to have something to help you finding words for things. In times of confusion i, like most or perhaps all people, turn to lyrics. Poetry is another source of good words, but i haven't been affected by it yet. Ok, maybe once or twice.. ehrmm..
Lyrics and poetry tell you what is happening when your head is a mess. Guidlines.

Music simply is.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i want to believe

Monday, October 16, 2006

hjärtat är lugnt

Saturday good day. Got a long-distance call from Einar and met Long-time-no-see-Augusto and Mattias at Sticky Fingers. Flirted with a man in a moustache.
Sunday not as good day. Var med kvef and maybe a i had a hangover as well and i didn't even leave the house. Watched a movie with Leonard that is always good and went to bed around midnight. Had popcorn before sänggående.

Luften är fin
Härlig att andas
Syret är ungt
Hjärtat är lugnt
Kvällen är fin
Allt är förklarat
Inget är tungt
Hjärtat är lugnt

Galenskaparna & After Shave

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Thursday was great! I was thrown out of the house and had to sleep at Karl’s place, and we were up the whole night making anagrams and eating ice cream. There was also a photo session when he was supposed to look like Spider Man and climbed the walls outside his apartment; i had brought three cameras, took loads of pictures and was given a book about photography. Japanese animated movie before going to sleep. Lemon tea and Earl Grey.
Friday at the library, i found the Edward Gorey book they had and he found Strangers in Paradise. After going through many shelves i also found the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy by Nick Bantock – a must-read!

Today i scored 1129 feet on Kitten Cannon. Will anyone beat me?


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I like Michael Sowa. This picture makes me want to move to North America because i believe that such houses could be found there. Maybe on the west coast?
Took pictures today with digital camera and my dear Chinon. Found the cable release and took pictures inside the house. Teacup, globe and mother on the phone.

Bild Dagsins

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Self-Portrait in Gersau 1886

Clementine. The taste and the smell of it remind me of Christmas. Also when the juice gets all of my fingers, which it always does (on everyone, doesn’t it?), and make them look like a mermaid’s fingers when it dries.
Clementine, raisins and nuts. Julmust.

On Friday night the annual culture night / kulturnatta / menningarnótt was held in Göteborg and people were everywhere in the city. I was supposed to meet friends at the museum but went to the library by mistake and bought a book about early Scandinavian photography. Very inspiring. The picture that made me buy it was a self-portrait by August Strindberg; I’ve looked for it but can’t find it on the net but hey, he’s posing wearing a black hat, a black glove on his right hand and holding a cigarette with his left. Absinth. There is no absinth in the picture but yet there is almost a bright-green glow even though it is in black-and-white and…
I want absinth.
Met Leonard, Karl and some other people on my way out. Karl was wearing suspenders and looked great, but I was too shy to tell him, and on our way down the street we met Petter and after hamburger and candy the night ended with Blues Brothers in a church previously unknown to me.

Ha ha! I found the other picture.
I had a night with video-watching with Ida and Péter yesterday, and today on my way home I went to the library to get some more photographic books. I found one by Jäger Arén with pictures he had taken in Anholt in Denmark and one of the pictures, I assure you, looked exactly like it would have been taken outside our house! Not that I recognize the buildings or the tree, but the whole… atmosphere. It is here.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"why do you have to make such DRAMA out of everything?"

All is well again.
Two days ago it all reached it's peak; i didn't get the room i wanted, i got dumped (or something, who knows? I am too old to try solving riddles) and my phone died.
Halldór told me he was going away for a year offered me another room that i couldn't take.

Today i finally got a room. It seems. Halldór will stay. Tomorrow all might change.
I'm happy to see that Preston has read my blog, and i want to tell you that i will let you know when i get back to Iceland. Promise! Anyway, Anne is there waiting for you.

...and yesterday i went to Veronica's place to whine and watch The Mummy Returns, an amusing movie packed with adventure movie ingredients..

Izzy: O'Connell, who the hell you been messing with this time, huh?
Rick: Oh, you know, the usual. Mummies, pygmies, big bugs.

Sunday, October 01, 2006