Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the Gothenburgian shopping spree!

The city becomes prettier and prettier by each day. I would really like to live here, one day, but not now.
Today i went out of the house, took the tram and left the suburbs. And i bought records!

Here’s the list:
SLAGSMÅLSKLUBBEN – BOSS FOR LEADER because it is sweet and sour electronic music.
GARBAGE – VERSION 2.0 because each time i visit David (like yesterday) i demand that he plays them since i don’t have any records by them - until now, that is.
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – IMPLODE oh! Because i found this cd (ok, Andreas lent it to me) last week and it was love at first… hm. I have been listening to it every day since. It is the best record in the world these days.
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – NEURAL IMPLANT because this is also a very good record by fla.
TOM WAITS – REAL GONE because it is Tom Waits. Never bad. Crazy pirate jazz.
GUS GUS – THIS IS NORMAL because it makes me a bit happy and homesick. Or, eh… you know.
BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – TAKE THEM ON YOUR OWN because it is blrmc (nice rock from New York, always good to have)

Yep, that’s about it. One step closer towards something!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

swedish blackhead

Yesterday, before i got drunk and started listen to And One, i dyed my hair with black henna (without using other henna in advance). And it went fine! Instead of sun bleached dark golden brown hair it is now… well… some bluegreybrownish black with less significant greys. Almost like it was before but colder in hue.
It also feels thicker, but that could just as well be my imagination.

But it sure smells funny.

Today's disco track: STALIN - LEG SIE UM


Saturday, September 01, 2007

and one - get you closer

because they rock my world, sometimes, and because they actually are somewhat cool..