Wednesday, June 28, 2006

even the crickets were acting weird up here

Had a good day at Karl's place looking at horoscopes and trying to understand the 4th dimension.

Yesterday i watched The Royal Tenenbaums with Mamma and David. It is, indeed, a fantastic movie. I laughed and would have cried if i weren't in the company of others.
And in the tent Margot played "Ruby Tuesday", which is a song... one day when i was working in the bakery three drunken men came in and sang it for me. When i had my birthday beer three men undressed on the dance floor at Kaffibarinn. Later that night i met a man and his cat, and he played "Titties and Beer" for me because i love the song. Every time i hear it i imagine Frank Zappa and Terry Bozio running around on the stage having a great time.

Wow. It was a time when i really listened a lot to Frank Zappa.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ha ha ha

In case you didn't know, i like potatoes.

Monday, June 19, 2006

a knight's tail

Days days days passing. Today i got dressed and bought some things.
My sister came by to pick up her rat and make some toasts for me and Mamma.

Weather was alright; warm but not sunny. Played some disco music, Donna Summer and stuff.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

the rat-pack

Slept until 1pm today, due to some unlucky series of events.
I was babysitting the rat and making tea for my guests, and then you called and: the connection over here is really bad and i had to go outside, with my mind upside-down and the rat crawling up and down my back with pointy rodent claws. Inside, the tea went cold, bitter and far to strong but when my guests left i drank it anyway. Because i can't say no to tea.
Fell asleep around 8am.
Ok, it wasn't i who drew the picture. I stole it. But i like it.


Yep, i'm back! My brother started blogging today and i should really try to be his "partner in crime".
So, what's new? Not much. I bought three books yesterday, me and Ida went to an old bookstore that had a sale, and i couldn't resist buying...

  1. A book written by a woman from The Hebrides. My mum loves the place, so i gave it to her.
  2. The Underground Man by Mick Jackson. "The 5th Duke of Portland is a Victorian misfit, a man who spends his time and wealth creating a network of tunnels beneath his Nottinghamshire estate." This, i believe, is perfect summer-holiday literature.
  3. Mirrorshades - The Cyberpunk Anthology, edited by Bruce Sterling. Gudni: i'll tell you all about it and who my favourite writer was as soon as i've finished it. So far i've only tried William Gibson, and he was quite alright. You don't blog very much either and should stop nagging.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fortsätt ni, så går jag hem

Do i really have to?
Gudni, i'm not in the mood for blogging. I'm not in the mood for anything but lying in the garden.

Will post a picture of systra mi.