Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yesterday me and my brother went shopping toghether. We were supposed to find some pants for him, that was the actual mission, but of course we didn't but found a lot of other clothes instead. Like this Superman t-shirt that i'm wearing on the picture. Not until later did my brother mention that he was wearing almost the exact kind of t-shirt! Life is so strange sometimes..

Later on we went with Ida and Péter to the cinema to watch Pan's Labyrinth. It was not the fairy-tale movie i expected but a brutal movie about the fascism in Spain in the 40's.
Still great, however.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

summer dreams

I miss summer more and more. The scene where they paint looks very much like a warm August night. Alas! How i miss the warm nights and the blackbirds!

Friday, February 23, 2007

cold white thick stuff

”They say that when good Swedes die they go to Reykjavík”
Ok, this might not be true, but there are things over there that we like. Kolaportid, hardfiskur and corrugated sheet, only to mention a few. However… we have something you don’t have…
SNOW! Ha ha. Tons of snow all over Göteborg. Newspapers describe it as absolute “chaos”; trains and trams are stuck and since people still insist on driving there are car accidents every day. I’m unharmed though; only happy because i get a good excuse being late to work on early mornings. Today i invested in my first pair of moon boots since many years. They are fabulous.

Re-discovery dagsins: Mr Bungle – California

Oh yeah. i-i-i, the old lady, went to a party on Saturday together with my brother: hence the picture of the day. Nice one, isn’t it?


Monday, February 19, 2007

Dina våtor är strumpa

At the moment i am in Arvika with Ida on something like a holiday. Not she, she is in school, but i am hanging out in her cabin doing as little as possible. Days of sleeping, eating porridge and looking at the snow outside the window; it is nice to see some snow and trees for a change.
Alfapet och alla avsnitt av Glappet.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

at least i saved the village

Between everything, between working days and funeral and days with all the relatives without any break, i managed to collect some three people to play Drakborgen with me. This is a tradition we’ve had since many winters, me and Veronica, and together with Karl and Leonard from the Froggerhood we got enough time to play one game – where i won! Apart from gaming: many cakes and lots of candy.
I am tired and i am weary but still alright.

Song of the day: Jimi Tenor – Sugar Daddy


Tuesday, February 13, 2007



Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mission #1

I know! Why don't you, dear reader, send me a picture of your favourite bedroom, may it be your own or someone else's, and i'll post it here on my blog with some catchy title above?
It could be interesting..



nights in no satin

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Early day today, early day tomorrow. The only good thing about rising early is that i sleep so well. The few hours i get, that is.
Sleeping really is da shit.
Oh, and eating. I am definitely pro-eating.

(i wish my bedroom would be this cosy and welcoming)


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

kvinnor och champagne

I’ve played Wii Play! And it is so much fun! Laser Hockey is far trickier than you’d think, Charge is great fun and i ruled at the Shooting Range (even though i lost). Thanks Bob, for giving me hot chocolate and showing me this.
Yesterday was good; concert with hit songs, club meeting people and playing with a fine camera and video games with a stranger until i took the morning tram home. Today i had a fight with my sister, re-discovered Lamb and moved the boxes with Christmas decorations into my closet.

Bild: Jag och David på Lustans Lakejer.

Catchy song of the day: And One – Body Company
Video of yesterday: Beck - Loser

Last song of yesterday: Sista Mannen på Jorden - Luft

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Monday, February 05, 2007

On request: a New Post.

To be honest, i’ve been too good to be writing in my blog all days. Working more than ever, yes, but also reading and eating very much.
And i didn’t know what to write. What do you want to hear?

Knitting is going well; i started on my second mitten yesterday. My grandfather died a week ago without any warning and we are all, still, very surprised. Relatives came over on the weekend and we talked and celebrated my father who was turning 59. Sunday afternoon i remembered very well. I finished Small Gods and begun reading Myndin af Dorian Gray.
Sofa, thick blanket, tea, candy and books until evening-time.
Tomorrow i’ll work for the seventh day in a row, not that i mind, and go to a concert with Lustans Lakejer at the train station.
Today i’ve been looking at videos with talking cats and farting babies on youtube.
We’ve had really good weather now for some days with lots of blue sky and the occasional glimpse of the sun. No wind, sometimes light rain.
I like Military Fashion show by And One because it reminds me of my favourite club here in Gautaborg, and Enjoy the Unknown because it is kind of irresistible.

Oh yeah, and i’m going to study… logics? in spring. On a distance so that i can move whenever i want to.

Picture: my cousin’s daughter. We were babysitting her on Saturday night and she made us cabbage tea. Tasted odd but somewhat like summer.

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