Wednesday, July 27, 2005

a taste of whiskey

Yesterday ended up well. We were playing texas hold'em and drank all night, and before going home we watched Fight Club. After movie me and Daniel took the shortcut over the mountain.
It is nice having someone like that, who really is the boy next door and knows about the hidden paths and trees and people in the neighbourhood. And who knows how to appreciate it.
He has a great haircut too, i'll try to find a picture of it. Ok, got one. It's at the bottom of today's post.

Tonight and tomorrow i'll be babysitting: my cousin's daughter is coming over soon and will stay until tomorrow afternoon. I thought my mum would be here, but she's not coming until tomorrow and... i hope we won't burn down the house or something like that. And what is left to cook? The cheese is still in the fridge, probably being all black and green by now.
Oh. Still the smelly t-shirt: better go and change.


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