Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm down to just one thing

Today Susanne cut my hair once again and tomorrow David will finish it. I have two personal hairdressers and they're both great.
I also spotted a mouse under our dinner table and gathered some nice pictures for my new home. You know, that i can put up on the walls.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ghostman vs. World

I'm writing again because i was told so. Maybe it is not such a bad idea, you know, to "get up on the horse again" as soon as possible.

Today was a long day that i spent watching tv and eating. However, it ended well at Susanne's place where we watched Ghost World. She has a nice room with lots of pictures with pretty girls on the walls. We might get drunk some day this week. Tomorrow i'll work. I like Skinny Puppy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Heaven knows i'm happy now

because we watched "The Grudge" and "Natural Born Killers" sitting in our tiny sofa eating and drinking the whole afternoon. It was one of these afternoons you had when you when you were younger, when no one is in a hurry and life's just fine..

Mickey and Mallory believe in fate, i wish i did too. Do you?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Heaven knows i'm miserable now

Ah. This is the day when i'm in an awful mood without any reason. I feel, indeed, miserable. Home alone trying to clean the house (including my room, as always). I clean but i don't see any difference.
A peacock feather, mushroom bookmarks, cameras, papers, shoes and plastic bags are things that fill my room.
They revolt and hide in secret places, sometimes they even re-appear on the carpet. Evil little things. I'm too kind to throw them away and now they're piling up.

I watched 3 comedy series and had popcorn and tea.

Monday, November 14, 2005

love letter

What could be better, on a monday evening, than dancing with your mother in the kitchen to Mustang Sally drinking glögg and russian tea?
I like life. And i like you, all of you!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

carbonic acid

I failed with my cherry wine. I might drink it anyway, tomorrow will tell wether it's drinkable or not. Tomorrow... i have blue-painted fingernails and a strange feeling... somehow. You know. The feeling when everything seems to change and you feel like letting go and dive into the new. Let things change. I don't cope with changes, but i'd like to learn.

The feeling when you think about getting a buzz cut because nothing really matters, not really.

eeew! there is some thick brown juice in the bottom of my glass!

And love. Love is strange, too. I've started to feel that... hm... sometimes you actually don't know. Maybe you'll never know, and it's nothing wrong in that . To quote Nick Cave (sorry, but i simply had to):

O we will know, won't we?
The stars will explode in the sky
O but they don't, do they?

Or to put it in another way: there are no knights or princesses in shiny white armour.

And i also have to tell you that i almost never listen to Nick Cave anymore. Yesterday i listened to White Stripes, for instance.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Will and Grace, That 70's Show, South Park, King of Queens...

I've had many hours of sleep, then tea, fried eggs and "Moonlighting" on tv today. I also did some yoga.
This week i'll be good and work 6 out of 7 days. Ain't i good? I am as good as i'm crazy; on sunday i'll be walking around like a zombie in the long corridors of the old people's home.
Leftover biscuits.... give me... leftover biscuits...

btw, i think i have a hole in my tooth. Somewhere up on the right side.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

weather girl

It is raining, and it's the perfect day for cleaning the house. We have relatives coming over for lunch and Mamma is off buying mackerel. I'm left to do the dishes and vacuum the floor.
It is raining and i'm listening to The Great Escape by Blur.
It is coming down in buckets and i'm drinking tea.
I've seen... ah! What's the name of it? That documentary about Icelandic music. It's really good, if you haven't seen it i have it on vhs. I've also made biscuits and been on a party where we, among other things, discussed Icelandic male names.
Top of everybody's list: Kjartan

Damon Albarn appears everywhere, just like the poodles, and my mum thinks i should take him. I kind of agree with her.