Friday, October 28, 2005

(i want it all)

I suppose you've been waiting for my review? Here it is:

Depeche Mode still makes music and write lyrics that give me the shivers.

As for the rest of my life, i had a nice evening yesterday with David at a café. I was drinking a blackberry smoothie with a straw, sitting in a brown sofa wearing a skirt and feeling like i was in an American bistro. Vivid imagination is a damn good gift.
Tonight i'll meet dear dear friends of mine and have a beer.

Monday, October 24, 2005

dream on

I had a strange dream the other night. It was short, i was talking to some very small and slender people with wings, and later i asked my mother: "who were they?" and she answered: "they are fairies, a people that is actually related to dwarves". And she said it in such an untroubled manner as if it would be a normal thing to say... the day after i told her, and she didn't get upset about it at all, said something like "i suppose they might exist, yeah"
Dreams should always be worth remembering and written about in a blog.

Rinse and shine!


'fellow fighters'. I'm up for stealing fat and making soap. Selling at the main city street. Delicately perfumed, straight from the gutter. And, by the way, don't even think of putting up a fight with me. ;)

It's time to get clean!

/Wilder Burden (Leo)

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I did go out yesterday and i did have fun. They played some Depeche concerts on screens and gave us Vodka&tonic and were all dressed up. Linda was glittering, as always, and i had a short skirt and looked almos vulgar (for once). There were cushions in the windows and incense in the bar, and i slammed the door in someone's head and then he smiled and showed me the way, through a long white corridor, to a hidden toilet where they had no paper. And i was wearing sunglasses at night.

Talked with Susanne today, who inisted on that we should see Twin Peaks soon again.
Talked with David, who was going to make a soup.
Spent half the day with Veronica who was visiting from Umeå.

Also, today, my cousin and her daughter popped by and said hi.

Late summer chocolate cream sun

10th of august: we were sitting at a café fooling around. Finally i got the pictures!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

loose threads

I poured herbal tea on my fried eggs while sitting in front of the computer.
Yesterday was fine, me and Susanne watched Twin Peaks at Andreas's place and had lots and lots of crisps.
I have many books and comics.
Today i slept until 1 p.m.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


What made my day today (because i have to work and yesterday ended with a big fight with Mamma) was an online conversation with a forgetful Raimondo.

malva säger:
come on, you should know that!

Meravigliosamente Nulla - Non pervenuto säger:
I'm forgetting more and more things day by day, really.

malva säger:
Ao! Crazy Bastard!

Meravigliosamente Nulla - Non pervenuto säger:
It's not my fault!

malva säger:
(this was where you should have answered: "yes i am!", like in that Quarashi/70 minutur song)

Meravigliosamente Nulla - Non pervenuto säger:
You see! I don't have any memory of iceland anymore! It's awful!

He's so neurotic and sweet, isn't he?

Monday, October 17, 2005

"This could prove useful, one day"

All these things!
I've realized that i will move out one day. At least i will move in the end of this year, and then i thought that i should tidy up my room and throw/give away some things that i don't need anymore so that my mum might use the room. i'm twenty one years old and have... quite a lot to go through. When did i read all these books? I must have split and was not one, but four little dark-haired girls sitting reading! I remember most of them.
And the comics! Some will go, Donald Duck and "Kamratposten" for instance. Toxic Avenger, Dinosaur hunters and my collection of, what was it?, Shock will stay. My brother's school papers from eighth grade will probably go to his attic. My statuettes and small bowls that i made out of clay when i was twelve? I really don't know.
However, this is very exciting. Room-cleaning adventure!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Ah! I totally forgot to have a Black Celebration beer. However, David bought me a big glass of Southern Comfort so i shouldn't really complain. We all danced.
Today my cousin came over and had a photo session with me and my sister - perhaps i will post some pictures one day. Odd pictures with me in a sailor's dress and my sister looking like a Estonian school teacher. I had forgotten how much i like art and i look forward to the day when my room will be a place for creation and inspiration.
Maybe i will watch Lord of The Rings tonight.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"the world in my eyes", a DM ode.

Mmmmmmmm.... i have some hours before work today, and i folded the clothes that had been hanging outside in the sun yesterday. They smell good. Sun and wind and grass.
Yesterday i was out in the sun, too. I opened my heart and told Sus about my worries and weirdest thoughts and made-up problems, and she understood and didn't find them strange. Wow - such a relief.
Anyway, since Depeche Mode is the best group in the world they have words for everything. To put it into words and write it down that is walking on hallowed ground. And they make music that make me warm inside, on friday we'll go to Romo and dance all night!

Aight, this was a strange post. It became strange beacuse i'm too shy to write what i want, even when i had my own secret diary i didn't write all the events and thoughts in it. Is this normal or am i sickly introverted?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

some deadly sins

Today turned into nothing. I did nothing, got bored and wasn't able to do anything but drink absinth and eat potatoes with butter until my cheeks turned red.
Give me inspiration!

Problems all left alone

Yesterday was good, i spent the whole warm and sunny day in the Botanical Garden with Kalle looking at strange plants and making up silly jokes. We found some sticks, a nice view, wooden dinosaurs and poodles. The park and the city were full of them! It was strange, like a theme of the day, and i wouldn't be surprised if i met another one today. Saturday was poodle-day. Then we had some hot chocolate and Sisters of Mercy at my brother's place and in the middle of the night i ran off into the wild city, got annoyed by the drunken people, and met a long-time-no-see friend. We talked about the system and the revolution.
Oh! And in another park there was a stone dinosaur. Yet another theme!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I am happy to annouce that i have changed. Sometimes i believe that my world has stopped turning and that all will be the same, and then i get tired of it all and start playing patience on the computer. Here are some news about me:

# I don't like candy and i hardly touch the biscuits that i used to eat at work.
# I don't want to get a lover. Sex is dirty and nasty.
# I have a "crew cut" around my ears, even though you can hardly see it when my hair is hanging down.
# I hesitated when my friend asked me if i wanted to go to my favourite club that has a Depeche Mode-theme next friday.
# I keep my room almost in order.
# I am not afraid of the dark.

Sun outside the windows

Lars Lerin is the best watercoulourist i've ever seen. The pictures are... absolutely fantastic! Look him up if you want to.

Today i'm not in the mood for anything. Entertain me!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Pilot's log

Still stressful. Wednesday was work and ended with wine-and-cheese evening with Mamma's friends. Thursday was nice with aunt Ylva; she bought me a ticket to the book fair and i found a wall calendar for 2006. Watching Twin Peaks at Andreas' before falling asleep. Friday: taking it easy and being with Ida who was visiting. Saturday: Celebrating Dara, feeding the rats and drinking the worst milkshake ever with Ida, Lisa and Jonas. Sunday: Working, feeding the rats and met Veronica C for a brownie. Monday: Writing blog before work.
See? I'm grown-up now. Yesterday when sitting on the tram i realised that i wouldn't have any time until tuesday afternoon (if i'm still standing) to phone and e-mail people and such. It's awful! No margins whatsoever. About thirty hours left and i will be free, free, free until thursday. Until then: autopilot.