Wednesday, March 21, 2007

dugleg and bruised

Today i've been a good girl: working, washing clothes and doing the dishes.
Weather is not so good: it is really wet and slushy outside and my shoes, socks and feet were all wet by the time i got home.

My left foot is hurt: last night after sitting on the floor writing my latest post i went up, stumbled around with a sleepy leg and almost broke my toe. It is now rather blue. After work i stepped on a dry piece of cheese that was so hard that i had to pull it out of my heel. I was bleeding.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Wow and Daniel Johnston

I think, i hope, that i finally got a job. Which is great, since i seem to be one of those who are not well being unemployed. All play and no work makes Malva a dull girl
(oh! New flashback: me and Theresa were on the dancefloor at Sirkus singing along to Beck – Sexx Laws. I haven’t danced as much in ages..)
(ah! Midnite Vultures; such a good record! It is a forgotten favourite of mine that i have to buy/put on my birthday present wishlist asap. My newest favourite is Daniel Johnston. Quite different from Beck but quite quite good. Absolutely brilliant, actually. Stebbi had the documentary about him; we watched it yesterday. Johnston’s art reminded me of Halldór's, who I will hopefully meet on thursday, and inspired me to be more creative. Tonight i finished another hat - huge one on request).

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Island, ver. 2.0

I’m here again. Lots of old and some new. Anne was kind enough to pick me up at the bus station and bring me over to her place, and since then we’ve spent a lot of time together. Yesterday we bought hats. Oh! And after she bought a skirt at Illgresi i went to Snarrót to meet some people, and Kristján posed for me in one of my hats and they all showed me around in the new bookstore. There was sun outside! I sat by Tjörnin for a while looking at the birds. An older man was sitting on the bench next to mine and life felt quite good.
Went with Stebbi and Matti in the evening to the world premiere of “300”, bought candy and sprite, got searched and ran into Jói. The movie was nice; it had scenes that looked like paintings and lots and lots of good action scenes. The Spartans were tremendously strong and almost invincible!

On the whole, i’ve been having lazy days with lots of time in front of msn, drinking tea and… yeah. That’s about it. Long nights of cuddling.

This night will end with sherry and some pages of logics (that i never seem to get the hang of; it is not logical at all!).

Song of January: Indochine - Ladyboy