Thursday, November 23, 2006


Of some reason Anne didn't like her Karl Fazer Chocolate (with peppermint crisps) and i'm eating of it and starting to feel much better. And suddenly Denis is going online saying: "chocolate the best way to have several orgasms and never being disapointed. it's like having cats, such a sweet company"
Life is strange, but kind of fun.

no good

Screw everything. Today i can hardly feel that i’m here.

The salt has lost his savour.

Went with Joost to the old people’s home to look for jobs and to Kaffibarinn to get some cheese. Found some with lots of garlic in it.

I think i like garlic.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Halldór turns me into a spadadróttning

I have artistic friends.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

lazy sunday afternoon

Saturday night with dancing dancing dancing...Me, Anne and Halldór made the dance floor and Joost stood by the mirror making us into the fantastic four. Depeche Mode, New Order and plenty of Gus Gus. He he, they even played Kraftwerk! Art can’t be like a mirror anymore; it has to be a hammer. Or how was it? We had a hard time getting out of bed on Saturday. After being on Sirkus and Kaffibarinn socializing, drinking, being fed with chocolate with a new friend and talking about sexuality with an old one i ended up with Anne on an afterparty. I met a cat and a man who both liked me and i made playlists and looked at photography books.

On Thursday i met Gudni and we talked for hours and hours. Coffee, cigars, Rammstein and as always: inspiring and uplifting conversations out of this world. Gudni Thór, i’m so glad i’ve met you! To bad we didn’t meet on Friday night.

I’m divided in two these days. Everything I feel has a mirrored side. I care a lot and i don’t give a shit. I hate going out and i love it; listening to music that makes me both happy and sad. I live in Iceland and i live in Sweden. I’m young and i’m old. I’m everything and i’m nothing.

I’m confused.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Rófur med rjómaosti

..i don't think i ever left the house that day - i went from being cool and active to... eh... neither cool nor active.
he he, funny words i'd never use but love to write.

At the moment i'm boiling rófur that i will eat together with my new favourite rjómaostur that is some kind of butter/cheese, or ferskostur (färskost) with kvarg. It's fantastic! As with marmite, you can have it on a spread but it is also delicious on cooked vegetables! Today, before going to work i had it on broccoli. Yummy.

Anne is sleeping in theliving room since her window won't close (and it was cold today) so i better keep this short.

See you laters alligaters.

Monday, November 13, 2006

how can you afford your bónus lifestyle?

Friday was a Friday indeed. I was invited to Júlíus place for dinner and had vegetable soup, bread, Serge Gainsbourg and white wine. Ah. On Friday night I had whiskey, a bottle of wine and three beers. I’m bad and I know it. And a small cigar.
On Saturday at 6 p.m. the sky was all black and suddenly it started to snow. Small snowflakes fell down onto my hair, my arms and everywhere in the swimming pool. A French girl tried to catch them in her hands.
Sunday morning with Sigurgeir Thór and his friend who made us drinks.
This morning after puzzle solving and letter-writing i went to bed when Anne went to work. That poor girl! What is the word for it, vargtimma? The time between night and morning when you are cold, deep asleep and it is impossible to get up.
She is a baker and probably capable of anything.Today I’m going to take a shower and maybe leave the house.

Friday, November 10, 2006

that's why i need more vodka

Your Inner European is Russian!
Mysterious and exotic.You've got a great balance of danger and allure.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

back on track

Yesterday was probably the turning point. I went to take a swim, kill some time, in Vesturbaejarlaug and i thought on my way home: “there is nothing like Hofsvallagata at 16:22 on a sunny Tuesday.” Because there's not. the light on the houses is not to be found anywhere else.
Met Anna and went to Babalú, had an orange/cranberry juice and went to Kaffibarinn.
It was a Tuesday like any other tuesday and the playlist was perfect and a whole bunch of Swedes showed up and i stayed there for about six hours. Walking home with Hanna in broken shoes.
Things are strange here; today I was offered both my old jobs without even asking for it: very different from the situation in Sweden. I’ll see what I’ll do, but it is good having some choices.
Talked to George in Indian Mango for about two hours about travelling, the India-Kashmir-Pakistan conflict and marmite. Now, when things are good, my marmite has gotten its flavour back.
The tea has not.
Went to see Júlíus and had a coffee with him and Kári in Prikid, and went home to have more tea and toast.
GOD, i’m social!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

put on your red shoes and dance the blues

This morning it took me i don’t how long to get out of bed.
Breakfast consisted of tasteless bread, dried-out marmite, dark-yellow butter and something that in the taste wasn’t even close to tea.
How am i supposed to get anything done on days like this?
Cried when i watched Let’s Dance by David Bowie
This is a bad beginning of the day.

Monday, November 06, 2006


I’m back in Iceland.

Today I went to do important stuff – like buying food and visiting the art museum in hafnarhús. The main exhibition, Uncertain States of America, was really good and they also had a jukebox where it was supposed to be possible to play “Der Mussolini”. We tried without any success. Nice thing though, decorated with glitter and fake cigarettes and shoes on the inside.

Erró is not that fun, we ran through his exhibition. Ended up at the Salvation Army’s Second hand store and bought a pink t-shirt with the print: “Joygirl Killah night shifter” on it. A must-have.

Yesterday night i spent at Halldór’s place downloading And One songs. I suppose life could be worse.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


i could tell you about the club on friday, or the party on saturday, or my dad's gig on sunday, or the pyjamas party on monday, but today: we have snow! Snow and some degrees below zero!
I am happy.
But most of all nervous, neajaaa.. all will be fine, see you guys around.