Thursday, January 18, 2007

between dreams

Oh yeah, i was euphoric and took pictures of my porridge this morning and planned to write something witty about it, but tonight it all went away and at the moment i only feel blue and alone. Like that song by Weeping Willows (Swedish pop music at it’s corniest).

I am somewhat alone. I’ve realized that most of my remaining friends live in Iceland and btw: I could probably find a job there and a place to live (here is alright except from the fact that i’m not allowed to play Front Line Assembly downstairs).

I would probably go there soon if it wouldn’t be for my appointment with the dentist on the 16th.

Until then i’m pretty much stuck here.

Ah yeah, i was supposed to quote my favourite Carl Johan De Geer about how to make porridge. I realized not until now that it wasn’t actually he who said it but i like him anyway. The last time I saw him in the paper he talked about “manlig självömkan” (male self-pity) and how it is central, worshipped even, in parts of today’s culture. Exactly in the same way as it is dominant in my blog! Stackars Malva!

To compensate for my miserable social life I’ve started to dream even more. People I don’t meet in real life I meet in my dreams and it is… well… somewhat like a solution.

Du träumst mich ich dich
Keine Angst ich finde dich
am Halbschlafittchen pack' ich dich
und ziehe dich zu mir

Oooh... my mum handed me some Russian Earl Gray. Ach, my bathrobed muse...

What are my dear readers drinking at the moment?

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Blogger Gudni said...

I´m drinking René cream and Senseo coffee along with my gallons of required coke:)
I would say that Senseo coffee is just a little bit better than that René stuff.

19 January, 2007 01:36  
Blogger stefan said...

I'm drinking my N'th cup of expresso at work, where N is one more than any sane person should drink before noon.

19 January, 2007 13:44  
Blogger Flamboyant3 said...

Water. Minimal.

19 January, 2007 18:28  
Anonymous Ida said...

Meh. Vaddå most of your remaining friends?
Veronica? Andreas? David? Maria? Jag är väl inget bra exempel antar jag, men jag jobbar mig i alla fall neråt.

23 January, 2007 11:07  
Blogger Theresa said...

nothing. minimal,too.

wir haben uns im traum verpasst.

24 January, 2007 23:47  

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