Sunday, January 14, 2007

silly old bugger (the difficult art of loving life)

I’ve been awfully moody the last days, not being able to understand myself in any way and giving it all to Theresa to repair it for me. Sorry. Thanks for listening.

I wonder if it is like this for all people, that your emotional state is (seemingly) not affected by what actually happens around you. I probably made a fool out of myself this weekend being old and drunk and all but that only puts me in an even better mood and i laughed at myself inside. Tomorrow I will be working the whole day and I’m almost looking forward to it. Life is good.

I have a mother who loves me and who doesn’t mind my life as long as I am happy, and at the moment I’m waiting for her to get home. Until then: some more music.

Song to play on repeat and be very happy to: Gary Numan – Voix

I like this motion
I like this heat
I like this breathing
And I know I like this beat


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15 January, 2007 16:41  

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