Monday, January 08, 2007

"They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore"

So, uhm… Yeah. Gudni, you said you would come over to my place (my dad’s apartment? It sure looked like it) but then, as it is sometimes, you were too late and you couldn’t make it. Siggi, haehae, you came over but only for some minutes. I got angry and undressed, and Ida and Rosa poured blue and green glitter all over my body. It made me look like some sea-creature! All three of us were swinging from tree to tree, bouncing on nets, while my father and brother sat in the kitchen smoking Café Crème cigars with oriental aroma.
Once back on the ground, i got dressed and went to the park (such a park! Big open areas and some trees) with a long string in my hand. I tied it to a little girl in a white dress and tossed her up in the air trying to make her fly. A man came up to me (after a while i realised that he was some kind of elf, probably a leprechaun,) and we started talking about the art of flying kites. I took the girl down, unleashed her, and me and the elf took a path trough the woods, away from the park, and we discussed the difficult use of “who”, “which” and “that”. We came to the conclusion that people always make mistake while talking, and that it is impossible to be fluent in any language.
We met a car, tried to stop it of some reason but then the phone rang and i woke up.

Rainy day today. I’ve been reading and drinking tea a lot with good conscience.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Malva, I should've staye longer... damnit!

08 January, 2007 23:43  
Blogger Sigurgeir said...

Very interesting!
I may be wrong (I don´t think I am though), but I think I think it´s fairly easy to see what most of the things in your dream represent...
have you realized the theme????

P.s. I hope I can practice my language skills with you the next time you come over, (and I´ll try to stay longer than Siggi...)

09 January, 2007 02:38  
Blogger malva said...


10 January, 2007 17:51  
Blogger Gudni said...

I just seem to late everywhere, even in peoples dreams.

10 January, 2007 19:39  
Blogger Theresa said...

jag älskar dina drömmar! they are second life fantasy action movie fireworks.

24 January, 2007 23:43  

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