Saturday, September 02, 2006

First we take Berlin

Today i don't know what to write.
I missed the bus. I haven't been that angry (and sweaty) for a very long time.

But hey! I on my way home i found a flyer for a club that looks nice, maybe i'll go there the next time i'm in Berlin, and i also began reading American Psycho. So far i like it.
Well i have to, come on! It is like Demian. The character, i mean, in the book. Both he and his mother are absolutely adorable. Adorable? Better look for a more proper synonyme some other day.

Today i am tired. Industrial party on three floors; i bought a fish on the market on my way home and went to bed at 10 am.

Tomorrow i might go home.

I am well.


Blogger Siggi said...

American Psycho! Yes! A good sign that you're becoming more emotionally stable ;-) I friggin' love that book.

02 September, 2006 22:26  
Blogger Vordai said...

Käraste Malva, jag hoppas att du hinner med bussen den här gången, om det verkligen är det du vill. Du vet, du kanske missade den av en anledning.

Jag pluggar för mycket.


03 September, 2006 00:11  
Blogger malva said...

jag hann! jag hann!

03 September, 2006 22:42  
Blogger Gudni said...

The part with the prostitutes in the book is way beyond this world and was not allowed in the film(I think not even in the special edition). Pretty graphic and disgusting. Cool that you´re reading it since your obsession with the film is disturbing;)*LOL* but very understandable!

04 September, 2006 00:34  
Blogger malva said...

Hm... i think i almost read that part on the bus, since i found it to embarrasing to read pure porno in public :D
The two blonde ones? Christie and Sabrina?
And oh, how i'm looking forward to the christmas party!
(the business card chapter was very early in the book, i might reread it soon)

And yeah, well, we all hope that i find a new obsession soon *lol*

04 September, 2006 16:36  

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