Monday, September 04, 2006

”All things pass into the night"

Oh. They played that song in the club i went to in Berlin. The song that Jay was dancing to on the Clerks II trailer, imitating the murderer from “Silence of The Lambs”. We watched Clerks in Reykjavík when our husbands were down with the flue, and I got obsessed (ah, me and obsessions) with the movie >see April
…and anyway, I watched the clip, over and over again, and suddenly I heard it when I was standing by the bar on Friday night with my Italian friend who had been playing in a Sisters of Mercy cover band and was going to give his ex-girlfriend a washing mashine, and who was born in -66 and liked my nose, and who said that we we would never meet again when we were lying on the huge stairs by Frankfurter Tor in the German morning light.
I dragged him out on the dance floor and we danced. I think he kept his sunglasses on.
Afterwards they played "Don't you forget about mee".

Today I, after reading about Clerks II that is on cinema wohoo, found out that the song is called "Goodbye, Horses".

Emma: Come outside with me, I want to show you something! [Emma and Dante run outside and pass Jay, dancing to "Goodbye Horses," completely naked]
Dante Hicks: What, that?
Emma: NO, not that!

Now I remember, someone who reminded me very much of Jay (the drug dealer who was hanging outside with Silent Bob) actually tried to kiss me that night.


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