Wednesday, September 20, 2006

1 h 15 min of loneliness

I am starting to get the hang of spider solitaire. The most important thing is to pile the cards, same colour if possible (if it is not obviously better to take “wrong” colour, because of the card(s) under it). When you pile cards with different colours, always start with the highest number. Black 8 goes on red 9 before red 7 goes on black 8. Black 7 could be under black 8! Try to finish the rows, one at a time, and you are able to use the empty slots as “parking spaces”. Remember to pile until there are no more possibilities, then press, what is it in English? “Give”? and play until your mind is focused and your right wrist is aching.

I feel like a complete mess.
I don’t know why i need you.

i'll miss you


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