Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This night a war was going on.

So: I was in a big house with a lot of people around me. We were under sieage and everyone was waiting and packing things, and i remember going to the toilet and looking out the small window. I could see the enemy, the elves, only a few metres away.
I was really afraid, the battle would begin any time, and I wanted to call Einar and say but i didn’t have a phone.
Me and Pappa went out. We walked past the weeping tree (but this time she was singing!) from King’s Quest V and between the tents of the enemy. We came to what looked like an underground storehouse and started chatting with some elves, and they were of course bad guys trying to get my father inside.
“We have a big, juicy stake in the kitchen!”
He was about to go inside, but being the clever daughter that i am i managed to convince him that he could have as many stakes as he wanted, after the battle. But then:
“And you, you are not at all interested in men?”
And then one of the elves picked up a pile of papers, and was about to show me a picture of my future husband and i saw some short hair and…
They called from work. The dream was over and i was back in reality.

Today i bought a new phone – it was about time.

"Graham, watch out! A poisonous snake!"


Blogger Gudni said...

Would you have wanted to see who was on the picture?
I love these weird dreams!

28 October, 2006 23:26  
Blogger malva said...

hm, no. Would you?

01 November, 2006 19:54  

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