Sunday, October 08, 2006

Self-Portrait in Gersau 1886

Clementine. The taste and the smell of it remind me of Christmas. Also when the juice gets all of my fingers, which it always does (on everyone, doesn’t it?), and make them look like a mermaid’s fingers when it dries.
Clementine, raisins and nuts. Julmust.

On Friday night the annual culture night / kulturnatta / menningarnótt was held in Göteborg and people were everywhere in the city. I was supposed to meet friends at the museum but went to the library by mistake and bought a book about early Scandinavian photography. Very inspiring. The picture that made me buy it was a self-portrait by August Strindberg; I’ve looked for it but can’t find it on the net but hey, he’s posing wearing a black hat, a black glove on his right hand and holding a cigarette with his left. Absinth. There is no absinth in the picture but yet there is almost a bright-green glow even though it is in black-and-white and…
I want absinth.
Met Leonard, Karl and some other people on my way out. Karl was wearing suspenders and looked great, but I was too shy to tell him, and on our way down the street we met Petter and after hamburger and candy the night ended with Blues Brothers in a church previously unknown to me.

Ha ha! I found the other picture.
I had a night with video-watching with Ida and Péter yesterday, and today on my way home I went to the library to get some more photographic books. I found one by Jäger Arén with pictures he had taken in Anholt in Denmark and one of the pictures, I assure you, looked exactly like it would have been taken outside our house! Not that I recognize the buildings or the tree, but the whole… atmosphere. It is here.


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