Tuesday, October 24, 2006

weezer - we don't like

Me and Andreas were watching Spike Jonze videos toay, and my oh my... is there any band as dull as Weezer? What is it... i really don't get it at all. We sat there with our mouths open when they were playing Undone and the only thing happening on stage was that dogs ran around. They were an extremely stereotypical pop band playing extremely stereotypical pop music, and i don't understand why some people actually like them. I really don't. Bah.

I forgot to say that Denis was here this weekend! Good days. Gay club (talking about music - they played Electric by Leila K when we were up on stage!) and dinner with family. Kalle had a brithday party on saturday and i went over with some bread and socialized for a while. Yesterday it started to rain.


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