Sunday, October 22, 2006

reach out and touch faith

Another day wasted in front of the computer.
Today i've also been drinking tea and peeing a lot.
I listened to Songs of Faith and Devotion by Depeche Mode for old time's sake and remembered what it was like being 12 years old and in love with the singer. It is a strange effect music has - making you remember feelings.
Really, whole worlds were built inside my head. Worlds made of industrial landscapes, candles, dr Martens (that i never had the money to buy) and black and white photography. And in the midst of it all Dave Gahan - my personal Jesus. The man who actually died (i had the article from the paper over my bed) but came back to life.

I wouldn't know what i would think of the record if i heard it for the first time today. Probably i'd find it silly and hey, i wouldn't even be the same person that i am today if i hadn't been listening to it.

But no matter what you like it is always good to have something to help you finding words for things. In times of confusion i, like most or perhaps all people, turn to lyrics. Poetry is another source of good words, but i haven't been affected by it yet. Ok, maybe once or twice.. ehrmm..
Lyrics and poetry tell you what is happening when your head is a mess. Guidlines.

Music simply is.


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