Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"the world in my eyes", a DM ode.

Mmmmmmmm.... i have some hours before work today, and i folded the clothes that had been hanging outside in the sun yesterday. They smell good. Sun and wind and grass.
Yesterday i was out in the sun, too. I opened my heart and told Sus about my worries and weirdest thoughts and made-up problems, and she understood and didn't find them strange. Wow - such a relief.
Anyway, since Depeche Mode is the best group in the world they have words for everything. To put it into words and write it down that is walking on hallowed ground. And they make music that make me warm inside, on friday we'll go to Romo and dance all night!

Aight, this was a strange post. It became strange beacuse i'm too shy to write what i want, even when i had my own secret diary i didn't write all the events and thoughts in it. Is this normal or am i sickly introverted?


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