Sunday, October 23, 2005


I did go out yesterday and i did have fun. They played some Depeche concerts on screens and gave us Vodka&tonic and were all dressed up. Linda was glittering, as always, and i had a short skirt and looked almos vulgar (for once). There were cushions in the windows and incense in the bar, and i slammed the door in someone's head and then he smiled and showed me the way, through a long white corridor, to a hidden toilet where they had no paper. And i was wearing sunglasses at night.

Talked with Susanne today, who inisted on that we should see Twin Peaks soon again.
Talked with David, who was going to make a soup.
Spent half the day with Veronica who was visiting from Umeå.

Also, today, my cousin and her daughter popped by and said hi.


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