Monday, October 17, 2005

"This could prove useful, one day"

All these things!
I've realized that i will move out one day. At least i will move in the end of this year, and then i thought that i should tidy up my room and throw/give away some things that i don't need anymore so that my mum might use the room. i'm twenty one years old and have... quite a lot to go through. When did i read all these books? I must have split and was not one, but four little dark-haired girls sitting reading! I remember most of them.
And the comics! Some will go, Donald Duck and "Kamratposten" for instance. Toxic Avenger, Dinosaur hunters and my collection of, what was it?, Shock will stay. My brother's school papers from eighth grade will probably go to his attic. My statuettes and small bowls that i made out of clay when i was twelve? I really don't know.
However, this is very exciting. Room-cleaning adventure!


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