Monday, October 03, 2005

Pilot's log

Still stressful. Wednesday was work and ended with wine-and-cheese evening with Mamma's friends. Thursday was nice with aunt Ylva; she bought me a ticket to the book fair and i found a wall calendar for 2006. Watching Twin Peaks at Andreas' before falling asleep. Friday: taking it easy and being with Ida who was visiting. Saturday: Celebrating Dara, feeding the rats and drinking the worst milkshake ever with Ida, Lisa and Jonas. Sunday: Working, feeding the rats and met Veronica C for a brownie. Monday: Writing blog before work.
See? I'm grown-up now. Yesterday when sitting on the tram i realised that i wouldn't have any time until tuesday afternoon (if i'm still standing) to phone and e-mail people and such. It's awful! No margins whatsoever. About thirty hours left and i will be free, free, free until thursday. Until then: autopilot.


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