Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Wow and Daniel Johnston

I think, i hope, that i finally got a job. Which is great, since i seem to be one of those who are not well being unemployed. All play and no work makes Malva a dull girl
(oh! New flashback: me and Theresa were on the dancefloor at Sirkus singing along to Beck – Sexx Laws. I haven’t danced as much in ages..)
(ah! Midnite Vultures; such a good record! It is a forgotten favourite of mine that i have to buy/put on my birthday present wishlist asap. My newest favourite is Daniel Johnston. Quite different from Beck but quite quite good. Absolutely brilliant, actually. Stebbi had the documentary about him; we watched it yesterday. Johnston’s art reminded me of Halldór's, who I will hopefully meet on thursday, and inspired me to be more creative. Tonight i finished another hat - huge one on request).

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Blogger Mattias said...

oh, daniel. jag är ett stort fan. :)

11 April, 2007 08:33  

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