Friday, February 23, 2007

cold white thick stuff

”They say that when good Swedes die they go to Reykjavík”
Ok, this might not be true, but there are things over there that we like. Kolaportid, hardfiskur and corrugated sheet, only to mention a few. However… we have something you don’t have…
SNOW! Ha ha. Tons of snow all over Göteborg. Newspapers describe it as absolute “chaos”; trains and trams are stuck and since people still insist on driving there are car accidents every day. I’m unharmed though; only happy because i get a good excuse being late to work on early mornings. Today i invested in my first pair of moon boots since many years. They are fabulous.

Re-discovery dagsins: Mr Bungle – California

Oh yeah. i-i-i, the old lady, went to a party on Saturday together with my brother: hence the picture of the day. Nice one, isn’t it?



Blogger Gudni said...

I once had the first Mr. Bungle cd
and it was one of the greatest!

You purchased a pair of moonboots, that´s nice. Mine are stuck in the closet screaming: You fool, you should have bought me last year ;)

All good Swedes are more than welcome to Reykjavík, any time!!

Have great weekend and give my best
Ciao bella

23 February, 2007 22:19  
Blogger Gudni said...

The pic is very nice also, hungover maybe? :)

23 February, 2007 22:26  

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