Monday, November 13, 2006

how can you afford your bónus lifestyle?

Friday was a Friday indeed. I was invited to Júlíus place for dinner and had vegetable soup, bread, Serge Gainsbourg and white wine. Ah. On Friday night I had whiskey, a bottle of wine and three beers. I’m bad and I know it. And a small cigar.
On Saturday at 6 p.m. the sky was all black and suddenly it started to snow. Small snowflakes fell down onto my hair, my arms and everywhere in the swimming pool. A French girl tried to catch them in her hands.
Sunday morning with Sigurgeir Thór and his friend who made us drinks.
This morning after puzzle solving and letter-writing i went to bed when Anne went to work. That poor girl! What is the word for it, vargtimma? The time between night and morning when you are cold, deep asleep and it is impossible to get up.
She is a baker and probably capable of anything.Today I’m going to take a shower and maybe leave the house.


Anonymous Ásgeir said...

Admit it, you're good. A bad girl wouldn't have kept count ...

14 November, 2006 01:21  
Blogger malva said...

ok, i'm... semi-good. More good than bad, actually.

No. You are right. I'm good!

14 November, 2006 01:35  

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