Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rófur med rjómaosti

..i don't think i ever left the house that day - i went from being cool and active to... eh... neither cool nor active.
he he, funny words i'd never use but love to write.

At the moment i'm boiling rófur that i will eat together with my new favourite rjómaostur that is some kind of butter/cheese, or ferskostur (färskost) with kvarg. It's fantastic! As with marmite, you can have it on a spread but it is also delicious on cooked vegetables! Today, before going to work i had it on broccoli. Yummy.

Anne is sleeping in theliving room since her window won't close (and it was cold today) so i better keep this short.

See you laters alligaters.


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