Sunday, November 19, 2006

lazy sunday afternoon

Saturday night with dancing dancing dancing...Me, Anne and Halldór made the dance floor and Joost stood by the mirror making us into the fantastic four. Depeche Mode, New Order and plenty of Gus Gus. He he, they even played Kraftwerk! Art can’t be like a mirror anymore; it has to be a hammer. Or how was it? We had a hard time getting out of bed on Saturday. After being on Sirkus and Kaffibarinn socializing, drinking, being fed with chocolate with a new friend and talking about sexuality with an old one i ended up with Anne on an afterparty. I met a cat and a man who both liked me and i made playlists and looked at photography books.

On Thursday i met Gudni and we talked for hours and hours. Coffee, cigars, Rammstein and as always: inspiring and uplifting conversations out of this world. Gudni Thór, i’m so glad i’ve met you! To bad we didn’t meet on Friday night.

I’m divided in two these days. Everything I feel has a mirrored side. I care a lot and i don’t give a shit. I hate going out and i love it; listening to music that makes me both happy and sad. I live in Iceland and i live in Sweden. I’m young and i’m old. I’m everything and i’m nothing.

I’m confused.


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