Wednesday, June 28, 2006

even the crickets were acting weird up here

Had a good day at Karl's place looking at horoscopes and trying to understand the 4th dimension.

Yesterday i watched The Royal Tenenbaums with Mamma and David. It is, indeed, a fantastic movie. I laughed and would have cried if i weren't in the company of others.
And in the tent Margot played "Ruby Tuesday", which is a song... one day when i was working in the bakery three drunken men came in and sang it for me. When i had my birthday beer three men undressed on the dance floor at Kaffibarinn. Later that night i met a man and his cat, and he played "Titties and Beer" for me because i love the song. Every time i hear it i imagine Frank Zappa and Terry Bozio running around on the stage having a great time.

Wow. It was a time when i really listened a lot to Frank Zappa.


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