Thursday, June 15, 2006

the rat-pack

Slept until 1pm today, due to some unlucky series of events.
I was babysitting the rat and making tea for my guests, and then you called and: the connection over here is really bad and i had to go outside, with my mind upside-down and the rat crawling up and down my back with pointy rodent claws. Inside, the tea went cold, bitter and far to strong but when my guests left i drank it anyway. Because i can't say no to tea.
Fell asleep around 8am.
Ok, it wasn't i who drew the picture. I stole it. But i like it.


Blogger Flamboyant3 said...

The same rat which peed on your t-shirt last summer?
It's a constant factor of your blog, that's why we like it, even though we do hate rats.
*Prince Charming*

16 June, 2006 18:10  
Blogger malva said...

Could be, she's an old fart by now.

15 July, 2006 19:21  

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