Saturday, November 12, 2005

carbonic acid

I failed with my cherry wine. I might drink it anyway, tomorrow will tell wether it's drinkable or not. Tomorrow... i have blue-painted fingernails and a strange feeling... somehow. You know. The feeling when everything seems to change and you feel like letting go and dive into the new. Let things change. I don't cope with changes, but i'd like to learn.

The feeling when you think about getting a buzz cut because nothing really matters, not really.

eeew! there is some thick brown juice in the bottom of my glass!

And love. Love is strange, too. I've started to feel that... hm... sometimes you actually don't know. Maybe you'll never know, and it's nothing wrong in that . To quote Nick Cave (sorry, but i simply had to):

O we will know, won't we?
The stars will explode in the sky
O but they don't, do they?

Or to put it in another way: there are no knights or princesses in shiny white armour.

And i also have to tell you that i almost never listen to Nick Cave anymore. Yesterday i listened to White Stripes, for instance.


Blogger Gudni said...

Are you the one that i´ve been waiting for is one of the greatest songs ever written. without a doubt!!.

14 November, 2005 12:44  
Blogger there´s_a said...

i burned a cd from anne called "confusion is sex". many months ago. are you in love, malva?

14 November, 2005 13:14  
Blogger malva said...

Gudni, you're absolutely right! Hm. I'm going to put those videos up on my christmas gifts wish-list :)
btw, you promised to send me an e-mail!

Theresa: i've never heard it, but i'll try to find it. The title is promising enough. And i was actually speaking in general about love. You know this myth; everything has to be perfect to be true. Am i the only one who has stopped believing in it? Am i only old and cynical?

14 November, 2005 14:19  
Blogger Ida said...

Of course they exist, the princes and prinsesses. Only, now a days they mostly appear in disguises, for practical reasons.

15 November, 2005 15:35  
Blogger malva said...

Like... behind fake beards? I'd like that.

15 November, 2005 18:50  

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