Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Will and Grace, That 70's Show, South Park, King of Queens...

I've had many hours of sleep, then tea, fried eggs and "Moonlighting" on tv today. I also did some yoga.
This week i'll be good and work 6 out of 7 days. Ain't i good? I am as good as i'm crazy; on sunday i'll be walking around like a zombie in the long corridors of the old people's home.
Leftover biscuits.... give me... leftover biscuits...

btw, i think i have a hole in my tooth. Somewhere up on the right side.


Blogger Gudni said...

Leftover biscuits.....hehehehe,the everlasting struggle of surviving retirement. I wish we´d never grow old!!. mail coming to ya.

11 November, 2005 12:43  
Blogger Flamboyant3 said...

My brain is deliberately trying to erase my all of my icelandic memories.

I don't remember the name of our beloved landlady, I'm scared.

12 November, 2005 18:07  
Blogger malva said...

Ás... gerdur? perhaps.

12 November, 2005 19:16  
Blogger there´s_a said...

ah....... shit,im not sure either. ásgerdur? flósadóttir? and: JÓi! and her daughter? if i come to iceland again, i will go visit her. or maybe just put some eggs in the mailbox. hohohoho.

14 November, 2005 13:16  
Blogger there´s_a said...

we should do that together! ring her bell and then run into the deep blue sea. wouldnt that be fun? now ill go home and sleep. býó!

14 November, 2005 13:18  
Blogger malva said...

You can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell
You can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell

Yes, that would be somewhat fun :)

14 November, 2005 14:21  

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