Thursday, November 03, 2005

weather girl

It is raining, and it's the perfect day for cleaning the house. We have relatives coming over for lunch and Mamma is off buying mackerel. I'm left to do the dishes and vacuum the floor.
It is raining and i'm listening to The Great Escape by Blur.
It is coming down in buckets and i'm drinking tea.
I've seen... ah! What's the name of it? That documentary about Icelandic music. It's really good, if you haven't seen it i have it on vhs. I've also made biscuits and been on a party where we, among other things, discussed Icelandic male names.
Top of everybody's list: Kjartan

Damon Albarn appears everywhere, just like the poodles, and my mum thinks i should take him. I kind of agree with her.


Blogger Flamboyant3 said...

Did I tell you that once, in RKV, I've met Damon Albarn?
Very cool he was!

03 November, 2005 12:26  
Blogger malva said...

did you? you should have proposed to him.
And btw, tell Kate that i won't steal her ex. He's not my type. Really.

03 November, 2005 12:43  
Blogger snapcode1 said...

I love rainy days.......

04 November, 2005 12:46  
Blogger there´s_a said...

do you mean gargandi snilld?screaming masterpiece or something as strange in english?where mugison is playing his guitar in the empty church in snowstorm isafjördur?ég saknar ísafjardar og thín... hm....

07 November, 2005 12:54  
Blogger malva said...

Yes, that one. The good one. :)

08 November, 2005 12:26  

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