Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the Gothenburgian shopping spree!

The city becomes prettier and prettier by each day. I would really like to live here, one day, but not now.
Today i went out of the house, took the tram and left the suburbs. And i bought records!

Here’s the list:
SLAGSMÅLSKLUBBEN – BOSS FOR LEADER because it is sweet and sour electronic music.
GARBAGE – VERSION 2.0 because each time i visit David (like yesterday) i demand that he plays them since i don’t have any records by them - until now, that is.
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – IMPLODE oh! Because i found this cd (ok, Andreas lent it to me) last week and it was love at first… hm. I have been listening to it every day since. It is the best record in the world these days.
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – NEURAL IMPLANT because this is also a very good record by fla.
TOM WAITS – REAL GONE because it is Tom Waits. Never bad. Crazy pirate jazz.
GUS GUS – THIS IS NORMAL because it makes me a bit happy and homesick. Or, eh… you know.
BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – TAKE THEM ON YOUR OWN because it is blrmc (nice rock from New York, always good to have)

Yep, that’s about it. One step closer towards something!

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