Thursday, September 08, 2005

so that i have a reason to drink my absinth

She is good!
Now i will never try to become a writer. Not when there are people like Kristina Lugn, Susanne, Wilde and Dostojevskij. And Gudni. People who know how to put all those things on paper, sometimes only by using a few words.
Lugn makes me laugh and sometimes, almost, cry a little. But most of all i cry when people leave.
When i realised that i'm not a writer, i thought about becoming an artist instead. I might, if i can think of a motive..


Blogger Flamboyant3 said...

You're VERY great at taking pictures.
That could be art.

09 September, 2005 15:12  
Blogger malva said...

I love you too, sweet honey-pie, But puhleease! Start blogging in English soon. I'm bored.

09 September, 2005 21:25  
Blogger Flamboyant3 said...

My english is not good enough to write a blog.
Very Sorrrry.

11 September, 2005 00:18  

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