Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No, i don't know how to make espresso.

No, i still haven't found any job. I have no life; and after some hours of walking from place-to-place handing out papers that say "i like to spend time with friends and listen to music" and such, i go home, make some tea and fry yesterday's potatoes. I start to get a hang of it, however. One have to use quite a lot of oil to get the potatoes golden and crispy, and then one always have to add some extra salt before going up to the computer. In front of the computer, i read all my favourite blogs and laugh at my misery.

Despite this, life is good. Today i found some cheap incense and yesterday i was role-playing (is this how you say it) for the first time in my life. Two days ago i was at my brother's place and had some nice tuna salad. I also got to borrow "On The Road", which i will read later tonight. It seems to be a really good book.

Another thing, that is good and i have to mention, was Theresa's visit a little more than a week ago! Wierd, isn't it? One of the biggest events this summer and i haven't written a word about it..
Swedish solitude turned into German actionmovie. I was a hostess and tried to get everything in order, and i think i succeded although i needed some days to calm down. I'm not used to having visitors. But it was cool.. In the weekend, there was Monochrome, dada party and gay club. Anything more? Who knows.. Everything that happened more than 24 hours ago is in a haze. I also remember sitting with feet in the sand, but this was on tuesday.
Now i'll finish my melting ice-cream. Hasta la Vista!


Anonymous there´s a said...

malva, oh, sorry if i was a german action movie? ;-) ok, i know i can be a bit... too... lifehungry? at times... i hope i didnt get on your nerves... for example, when i tried 3 times to make you take MORE WINE to the skärgard... i´ll be a better person soon, maybe. anyways, i liked it a lot at your place. come visit me soon please!

23 September, 2005 22:08  

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