Wednesday, September 07, 2005

middle-of-the-week day

Good events today, so far:
It was raining heavily when i had breakfast, and a big fly was making sounds in the window. I was drinking coffee and was wearing my huge black dressing gown - and felt really like a grown-up! The sound of the rain and the fly hitting the window reminded of summer.
I looked for poetry in Mamma's bookshelves and found a Latin grammar book from 1847 and a piece of gingercake. Then i found not Bruno K. Öijer (whose books i haven't read so far) but Kristina Lugn (who seems to be kind of cool). There is a girl with a dog's head on the cover.
Denis sent an e-mail, telling me that he is on his way to Reykjavík. Hm.. Yes, i consider this being a good event, although i envy him.


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