Tuesday, August 23, 2005

something's gotten hold of my heart

I've started to remember my dreams again!
They left me somewhere during spring, but now i seem to remember more and more. I will give you dream reports as much as i can since they are far more interesting than my own life.
The other night i dreamt that i was back in Reykjavík (yes, i'm sure it was a drem. There was sun and blue sky.).
I was there to look for a job and a room, without any plans but with high spirit and in an adventurous mood. To start off, i went to 10-11 to buy some breakfast for next day.
At the entrance i met some jolly Icelanders and i was invited to a dinner.
We went inside and i headed for the carrots. I thought about buying bread too, but they had some special price on carrots and in the end i bought three bags. Although i forgot a big sum of money by the cash desk, life was great.

And i also believe that i will become ill if i stay here much longer.


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